Friday, August 05, 2005

What's Been Goin' On?

SHORT STORY: Helped a friend move out of apartment after her fiance called the cops on her. Went swimming then passed out not able to wake up to go to Davis,CA. Read 4 books (reviews to come). Saw 3 movies. Sang karaoke BADLY! Got drunk and drunk-dialed an Ex. Registered to go back to school. Bought plane tickets to the Phils for January. Bought tickets to Gwen Stefani's concert on Oct 23. Got partially molested (ok he just rubbed himself on me, like he wanted me to feel him up, which I did) by the 'other' gay man (the one that didn't want to meet me) at the 'straight' bar. And somehow got both of my best friends upset with me. Also, there is still that RSVP (my friend Jenice's wedding) that I have to mail out tomorrow. Good lord, did I book the hotel? Ugh!