Friday, June 30, 2006

Bothersome Detail

-->Going commando from time to time is fun. Make sure you wear button fly jeans. Yeah, zippers are a bitch!

I'm disturbed. As most (ok all!) of my friends know, I haven't "really" dated for almost 5 years. Yeah, I've 'talked' with other guys, but nothing anywhere serious. Every time they bother me by asking why, I just tell them that I haven't found the right guy yet. To my dismay, they just urge me to just get laid. These are my friends that I'm talking about.

It doesn't bother me coz I know I'm not that type of person (ok, anymore!) Lately, I've gotten the itch to start talking to guys again (must be my new tongue ring. ha! still not that type!) and have spoken with a few. Told some friends of this tidbit. Instead of being happy for me, they immediately ask what was wrong with the guy(s).


Exactly my sentiment. Not wanting to hear what they meant, I asked anyway. Flea, my house mate, reasoned it as FEAR.


Further explaining that it is my way of protecting myself. Making up excuses why I would think the guy is not good for me or what I don't like about the person before even a big date, therefore I won't have to make an effort to get to know the guy better. My firewall. My fear of getting hurt...Again.

Sadly, I think she nailed this one on the head.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Yikes! Small World!


Ok, I had a great time at Pride this year. Went with friends and became a shutterbug. Took pictures of everything and everyone. Specially guys who I thought were good looking/interesting (that is until my batteries ran out). Posted it online on my account so I can share it with everyone/anyone who cared to look. But I wasn't expecting one of my object of desires to find himself posted on my site! HOW EMBARRASSING!

As luck would have it, he happens to just open up an account a few months back. Uh, huh. I know. But it seemed like he was more amused rather than violated. Thank goodness. Anyway, here's to Marco. ;-P

Monday, June 26, 2006

San Francisco Gay Pride 2006

Here are some pics. Enjoy! Click on any of the pics to see the whole set.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Made My Day

Opened up my email today and found an alert from Myspace that someone left me a message...I felt happy. Not that I have finally now have a chance to fulfill my dreams of becoming a call boy. Or that someone wants to pay me to have sex with them. But rather, someone is more pathetic than me. What the fuck was he thinking?

I should be insulted. I'm not. Actually, I feel pity (after laughing so hard) for the guy. WHAT HE FUCK WAS HE THINKING?

Am I wrong to go to his profile and check out his pic (which he has 4 of the same pic posted)? Finding out that he lives on the same city as I do (CREEPY). That he's a year younger than me (the bastard!) To see that he has 15 so-called friends and wonder how much they were paid to do the nasty. Incidentally, all were Latino thugs!

I would have turned a blind eye and help him work with his self-esteem but the fact that he can't spell for shit nor think that I'm straight, leaves me to believe that:

A) He can't read
B) His brain needed some oiling (gears aren't working)
C) Superficial and Perverted
D) Have recently jacked-off while looking at my pics (which is the worst, I mean who would masturbate looking @ me?)

Oh, well...I wish him the best to find that perfect straight/gay call boy to fuck him really good and pay REALLY GOOD MONEY! I just hope he wears a condom.

P.S. Who's sorry now?