Sunday, June 18, 2006

Made My Day

Opened up my email today and found an alert from Myspace that someone left me a message...I felt happy. Not that I have finally now have a chance to fulfill my dreams of becoming a call boy. Or that someone wants to pay me to have sex with them. But rather, someone is more pathetic than me. What the fuck was he thinking?

I should be insulted. I'm not. Actually, I feel pity (after laughing so hard) for the guy. WHAT HE FUCK WAS HE THINKING?

Am I wrong to go to his profile and check out his pic (which he has 4 of the same pic posted)? Finding out that he lives on the same city as I do (CREEPY). That he's a year younger than me (the bastard!) To see that he has 15 so-called friends and wonder how much they were paid to do the nasty. Incidentally, all were Latino thugs!

I would have turned a blind eye and help him work with his self-esteem but the fact that he can't spell for shit nor think that I'm straight, leaves me to believe that:

A) He can't read
B) His brain needed some oiling (gears aren't working)
C) Superficial and Perverted
D) Have recently jacked-off while looking at my pics (which is the worst, I mean who would masturbate looking @ me?)

Oh, well...I wish him the best to find that perfect straight/gay call boy to fuck him really good and pay REALLY GOOD MONEY! I just hope he wears a condom.

P.S. Who's sorry now?