Monday, November 02, 2009

Notes to myself #32

-->I just found out that my roomie and I have our birthdays right after the other. His is on February 7th, mine is on the 8th. It explains a lot.

-->I really hate doing sit-ups.

-->I don't know why I have to explain to my roommate what that smell was. I mean, the beans are on the stove.

-->I'm running out of underwear. Need to do laundry tomorrow.

-->Some jackass named Gomi is probably reading this blog right this minute.

Knock it off! I told you it's lame!

-->Remember to print the e-ticket for the trip.

-->Make sure not to meet gaze @ John when saying hello/good morning/how are you?/and anyother chitchat.

-->Good lord. I hope he doesn't think I look at his crotch. I swear it's always an accident!

-->Get some beano.