Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Absolutely one of the best looking, kind hearted, well-adjusted, handsomest, flirtatious, innocent, loving, almost perfect, and every thing else guy I have ever known...Brandon. Why not perfect? Well, who is? Ok, for one thing he's a co-worker. Never date a co-worker! Two, he's only 20 years old! Third and most importantly, he's straight. Oh well! He's not perfect but when he shows you his smile, you could for a second (maybe longer) think that probably, he is perfect.

Anyway, I have often told him (threatened him really) that I was going to post something about him in my blog. Each time he called my bluff. I think I've refrained from doing so because neither of us were comfortable with the idea. Him thinking of me as a Dirty old Gay Man, and I thinking of him thinking I'm a Dirty Old Gay Man. That is until today, when he subconsiously gave me permission. And the fact that he finally let me take pictures of him! LOL My only promise to him was that I wasn't going to make them look dirrrty.

So everyone, here's Brandon!

Cute HUH!

I cropped this one coz he looks like he's looking down someone's blouse

Brandon and Dena (He wanted a pic with a female so as not to feel like he's in a gay photoshoot LOL)

I'm at a lost for words

Saved the best for last. He looks like Michael Vartan (Alias, Monster-in-Law) but better!

So what do y'all think?