Thursday, June 23, 2005

Gay Pride San Francisco 2005

Check list:
  • hotel reservation
  • car
  • moolah
  • friends
  • pink party clothes
  • walking around the city clothes
  • sunday pride gear
  • travel grooming kit
  • booze
  • pepcid ac
  • socks
  • sexy underwear
  • pj(s)
  • condoms (just in case)
  • mr big stuff (just in case nothing happens)
  • rosie palmer and her 5 sisters (embarrassed that someone might see mr big stuff)
  • Mr. Chess (still looking)
Leaving for San Francisco @10am Friday morning. I know it doesn't officially start until Saturday but as I was trained in the military, I like to go in early and scope out the territory! I'm actually very excited. Not because it's Gay Pride, but because I'm going to be with lots of friends this year. And for most of them, it will be their first time going!

Also, I will be canvasing for people to sign up for the AidsWalkSF during pride (1:30-3:30pm)! Hope to see ya guys there!

PS I'm such a Liberal!