Friday, June 10, 2005 Lodi, CA!

Apparently, my town has been the talk of the nation. Thanks to recent news. If ever the allegations are proven to be true, why Lodi? Well, duh! Strategically, Lodi is the perfect spot for terrorists and commuters. We're 45 minutes away from Sacramento (the capital of California), less than 2 hours away from San Francisco and Silicon Valley, 5 hours drive to Las Vegas, 3 hours drive to Reno, and pretty much near everywhere else. So is it surprising to find Al Qaeda cells forming in Lodi? In theory, no. But to actually hear/see it happening, is very shocking.

I signed up for Aids Walk San Francisco July 17, 2005.

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Coming out is a constant thing. Every time you meet new people there is that moment where you 'come out' all over again. It could be, "Hi, I'm gay, name's Jake! Yours?" or "Oh fuck yeah, I love Madonna!" But I never would have guessed that I would come out 'again' to drunk college students while playing Kings Cup, a drinking game. It seems that if whenever someone draws a 7 card, we would then each state "I have never..." and if you have done what that person stated that he/she has never done, you drop one finger. And if your hand turns into a fist, meaning there you were the first person to have done 5 things. You drink. It turns out, not a lot of people at my table has:

1) Taken it up the ass
2) Given another guy a blowjob (there were girls)
3) Had a homosexual experience
4) Licked an asshole (another guy said yes, very promising)
5) Had sex outside
6) Swallowed
7) Had sex with shoes on
8) Masturbated in the tub

Yeah, I was sticking out like a big sore thumb in the group. One girl actually stated that she should take me back to their side. Bitch what? I was thinking, if I ever wanted twat, it will never EVER be from your crusty clam! Oh well, atleast the guys thought I was cool. They never thought a gay man could out chug them.

They're just inexperienced boys!