Saturday, July 09, 2005

Cow Tipper

That's Kevin. He's cornfed. From Iowa. Met him when I was still working at Barnes and Noble a few years back. Really cool guy, although very eccentric. First time I ever saw him drunk, he all of a sudden would announce to everyone and noone in particular that he would now commence to 'commune' with the ground. Then there was last year, where he wanted to take a picture of himself burried with lots and lots of taco wrappers from Jack in the Box. Did I mention that he was untouched when he moved to Cali? Not anymore of course, he became quite the player. Or so he says.

Anyway, this summer, he took a job that allowed him to visit. Packed his suitcase and his precious Geo Metro, and drove to the west promoting Apple technologies. He only had a few days but they were fun. If only he took his friend along. Same time next year, mon ami?