Tuesday, July 19, 2005

For Our Survival

Wow, I almost forgot how 10 k felt. Sunday was a reminder that one should wear comfortable shoes when one is about to walk oh ummm...10 kilometers. Not to mention that it was in SanFran. It was also a reminder not to drink/party excessively the night prior to a strenuous event. To wear sunscreen. I'm not trying to complain. In fact, I am proud and elated that I completed the 10k AidsWalk. I had fun and saw plenty of eye candy. It also felt like I accomplished something.

I'm just thankful that my friend came along or I would have done the walk by myself. My team leader and his friends (practically the whole darn team, minus me) were still on the muni as my friend and I were passing the first checkpoint. They were late. Oh well, they didn't get to see Rita Moreno's oration (wow), Hal Spark's wit (looking faux gay as ever), Jai Rodriguez' charm (he's actually cuter in person), Thora Birch's clumsy but cute turn at the podium (she's petite...), Deborah Gibson singing "You'll Never Walk Alone" (she's blond and you can definitely hear that 'Broadway' tone of singing from her) and Mayor Gavin Newsom's uberpersonality (I was very impressed!)

Definitely doing it again next year. Maybe form my own team. Be more prepared. Well rested. Healthier.

I would like to give thanks to those who sponsored me, which all in all totaled to more than $700!