Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Falling Out

I just had a big fight with one of my best friends today. And I am very ticked off! I love and think highly of her. But the way she acts towards a certain guy bugs the hell out of me. She can't see how he mistreats her, practically cheats on her. The fact that she confronted the girl (one of them) blaming her for her act but still talking and "hanging out" with the guy hoping that he would change is BULLSHIT! What the fuck! Raw Sugar (that's her name if she ever wants to be a pornstart, mine's Hoover) take off that blindfold! Seriously, you're hurting yourself!

But that's not why we had a fight.

We're planning to go on a rafting trip this Saturday. She's such a take charge person that she's taking care of the details. Gotta love her for that. She informs me of what needs to be done, the fees, who are going, practically the whole itinerary. She then informs me that person X (an ex that has become one of our friends) would be going without his girlfriend (who is also our friend) and asks me if I could give him a ride to the rafting place. That's fine but her reason was that person X would definitely 'cling' to her, upsetting mr. cheater. Mr. cheater, who in the past stated how he hated hanging out with her friends! Us! Why in the hell is he going in the first place since he would be surrounded by her friends!

I blew up. I said, "Fuck Mr. cheater! I'm fucking sick and tired of you always thinking about him first. Bye!" Then I hung up.


Would someone tell me how one could cling to a person who constantly cheats on them, make them feel like shit, not get along well with their friends, and lie to them? I don't care if he has any good points. The bad definitely outweighs the good. If there are any.

She tried calling me back at work. Told them to tell her that I was busy and that I would call her back. Left a message on my voicemail telling me that she took care of it and to not bother calling me back tonight, with an acid tongue. So I decided not to go. After talking to a few friends that were going, we (believe me, I didn't force them one bit) decided to go with my co-workers who were going to a different rafting venue. Then I texted her stating that I and 6 others would not be joining them leaving out the detail that we're going somewhere else.

Am I bitter? Fuck yeah! To me, she would rather be with him and forget about us. I love her and will be with her during hard times but not this one. It is the last straw.