Thursday, October 14, 2004

My Type

I tend to like geeks. Sure I also like men on the 'gay stream' side but they're only for eye candy and fantasy fodder. Dorky guys are so cute. I just don't like dancing with them. They tend to flail their arms everywhere. Other than that, I think a dorky guy would be a perfect match for me. They're sensitive enough, intelligent, self concious, funny in an innocent kind of way, loyal, and so many other things narcicisstic gay guys aren't.

I just can't seem to find the right one. Right now, I find this one guy very attractive. Biggest dork I've ever met. So what if I've spoken to him more than I've seen him face to face. Actually, only met him once, two years ago. And so what if he's straight. His best friend says so (with whom I met through). Oh we're only talking dirty to each other over the phone just for shits and giggles. He's very damn great doing it! His friend, happens to be a co-worker of mine, also mentioned something about a time in the back seat of a car involving DFPBB (Dog Faced Poo Butt Bitch© KH. AKA the guy I'm attracted to) and a lady (if one can call her that) lacking front teeth. Apparently, it is with benefit to DFPBB © KH that lady-with-no-front-teeth has none.

I, who was known as HOOVER, can do better! Regardless if the lack of front canines sounds enticing to some (I am well aware of the incentives) I am very much an expert. The thought of the lady-with-no-front-teeth asking him if it was good for him (in a sexy way) after the deed gives me the chills. I wonder if she even smiled?