Saturday, November 13, 2004

My Ass Is Turning Japanese, Ah!

I took my friend Laura out to dinner the other night for her birthday. I didn't go to her surprise party so it was a way of compensating for my absence. She was craving Japanese. Yum!

On the way to Coco Roo, we had small talk. Mainly about her just turning 35. Ofcourse, the great friend that I am shared my concerns over my impending 30th birthday. Which won't be in another 3 years (ok, less than 3 yet more than 2 years). She then gave me that look like she wanted to have her palm connect squarely to my face. I had to let my window down a bit because it was getting harder to see what's in front of me, she was steaming up the car! And the last thing I wanted was for people to think I was making out with a 35 year old lady when we get out of the car.

Note to self: Make sure not to go with Laura to a Japanese restaurant very hungry, ever again!

Boy, did we eat too much! I don't know what we were thinking but as soon as we sat down and eyed the menu, everything sounded great. Eventually, I ordered us both a bowl of miso soup (excellent!), a glass of zinfandel (I drank one, 2 glasses for her), and 6 different kinds of sushi rolls! How embarrassing! I thought the sushi rolls consisted only of 5 individual sushi! We both learned of our mistake when the waiter dropped off our food on our table. The plate looks like one of those buffet types, it was so humongous that it reached my edge of the table to hers. It felt like everyone was staring at us. And we ate it all! OH THE CARBS! THE CUTE WAITER THINKING THAT I'M A GLUTTON!

Oh well, at least Laura enjoyed the night! I did too! And thanks a lot Laura for letting me use your bathroom before I left. I thought I was going to have an accident!