Monday, November 01, 2004

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your comment! Finally I have one! Well technically, yours was the second but who's counting? My friends don't even move their fingers to type something (NOT EVEN A HELLO or YOU BITCH!) And I'm sure they are all literate. Hmmm...a couple maybe. Ha! Bastards!

Anyway, WOW, coming out while in high school must have been difficult. I can imagine the stupidity of those around you. I am most definitely impressed and envious of your bravery. Thinking back, I think I would never have the courage to come out. I was very much a wallflower, very asexual (On the outside. Inside, I was such a pervert! Hey, I was raised as a Catholic.) Besides, my thoughts on impressing the "cuties" back then was to make sure they knew I got A's on most of the tests/quizzes or spouting off the correct answers during class. Little did I know, I should have just started smoking pot (Too bad I never did acquire the taste for it.) Or joined a sports team. I wasn't delusional so I didn't.

So, who the flippin' freak are you? Didn't leave any name. I'm thinking you're probably a Scott or a Tony? Gawd forbid that you're a Brad!

BTW. You are now reading the posts of this year's Neighborcare's Halloween Costume Contest First Place Winner (for the second time running). **takes a bow**

Sigh. I'm so pathetic!