Monday, December 06, 2004

What a Pity

One of my pet peeves is when people think I'm stupid. Especially with closeted gay men that when they're caught red handed, still try to pass off as "not-gay". My Ass!

Now, I don't really care if you're not out. It just means that you're not confident with the people around/close to you. That is your problem and not mine. I've been there so I know what is going through your head. But the difference between us is: when confronted I don't lie about myself. Yet, I'm not one to blab about someone else's personal life. So it's infuriating to me that you think I would do so otherwise by trying to disguise your intent.

I got it when he said "Don't tell anyone that you saw me here tonight." He didn't have to pretend checking out a girl dancing while his so called "friend" was cupping his ass. (And yes, I saw that.) I don't know if I should feel sorry for him or the "friend". What was he thinking when he took his "friend's" hand away from his back pocket while shaking his head and whispering? Not here? In a gay bar? Dude chill out! After that, the "friend" was obviously hurt and was depressed for the rest of the night. Gawd forbid, I hope the "friend" didn't think I was trying to steal his "not-gay" boyfriend. Thus, the cupping and caressing of the ass cheek was done. Well, the brush off would have definitely ticked off the "friend" more if it was about guarding his "not-territory".

Atleast, it seems like I wasn't the only one who didn't have sex that night. LOL