Tuesday, December 28, 2004

You remember the song...
'They're playing songs of Love. But not for me...'
It seems like everyone else is pairing up or getting married. Just yesterday, my friend Flea announced her engagement to James. She was giddy as heck and smiling so much you'd think she just had her teeth whitened. I'm so happy for her! She got what she wanted for Christmas. Then right away, I was told that I was going to be in her wedding.


This will be my third! (Ok, technically, I haven't been part of a wedding, YET!) My friend Jodi asked me to do her wedding (as in be the minister). Whenever that will be. I'm supposed to be my brother's best man, that's next year (ok it's Jan 2006). And now Flea! According to an old wives' tale, 3 times a bride's maid never a bride! Maybe it only pertain to bitter bitches with pink tacos (eww) hence the "maid" part. I certainly hope so. I DON'T WANT TO BE A DIRTY OLD MAN! Ok, Breathe...!!!

I almost forgot, I'm already married. I wonder how she's doing?