Sunday, March 20, 2005

The One that THANKFULLY Got Away

Kissing A Fool

I was going through my pictures and stumbled upon this one. It brought back fun and some dismaying memories. I still like the pic though. I think it was taken on my best friend's (Anonymous) birthday (2 years ago). Cute guy. Name starts with N-I-C-K. He's a nice guy. I was smitten. I think he liked me. As well as three other guys (I later found out). I was probably at the bottom (don't even start) of the list. Besides, I doubt that it would have worked. Too horny and he plucks his eyebrows. Last time I heard, he moved to Sacramento. Yet still, frequents a local karaoke bar. I wonder if he finally settled down. Nah!

My fondest memory of him: Used to work part time at an ice cream parlor, so he would sometimes smell like an empty ice cream quart, I would then kiss his neck.