Friday, March 04, 2005

Another day

It was Thursday. Supposedly my day off but ended up working for 4 hours overtime. No big deal. I wanted to show off the t-shirt I got from the Duran Duran Concert the previous night (Wednesday! That's another story!) anyway. It also gave me the chance of scoping out this new temp we have that happens to be "gay" and only works during my days off. I wasn't impressed. LOL I may sound bitchy but it is my territory! All of a sudden, I'm acting like the aloof asshole that thinks he owns the whole pharmacy. I turned to something I hated! I felt sorry afterwards and started acknowledging his presence with a smile or two. I just hope he didn't think I want his little turds (Now off to a tangent here but what can be the equivalent of a heterosexual woman saying "I want to have your babies" to a heterosexual man for a us gay men? This was the closest that I could think of without being too graphic.) I was just being civil.

After work, I had the sudden urge to get a movie. Besides, I needed to buy some razors. So off I went to Wally world (Walmart). Not too crowded. I found myself infront of their dvd selections (if you can call it that) and search for something that was newly released. NADA! Well, except for Spongebob the Movie. I grabbed that and October Sky (mmm...Jake Gyllenhaal). Went and got my razors (the new gillette ones, the vibrating kind). As I was walking on my way to the registers, I thought, "What the heck." and snagged a box of condoms.

Yeah, condoms. Ultra Sensitive. It says that it will feel like you weren't wearing one at all. Why? I don't know. It's not like I have a boyfriend or a fuck buddy. But to voice out my inner Ally McBeal, it's my lottery ticket. What if? The purchasing of the prophyllactic doesn't signify that I'm about to have sex with anyone anytime soon. Rather it suggests that I am very much ready. Yeah, I know I'm full of crap sometimes. So I bought my first box of condoms in over 4 years. After all, what if?

While paying, my cashier was giving me the eye and was talking to one of his colleagues (an old Latina woman) something in Spanish while holding up SpongeBob and the box of condoms a little longer than usual and towards her way. Weird but I didn't think much of it since I was looking for my debit card. I should have not taken French.

Not until I was but a few feet from my car did I recall the news blitz concerning the recent brouhaha by a christian/right wing /nutjob's epiphany regarding the pineapple dweller's sexuality. And then the condoms. The Fucking Condoms! Ha! Oh, well.