Sunday, January 22, 2006

Big Whoop!

Before anything else, yes I got laid...

  • Found out that turbulence still scare the shit out of me. Note to self: get Rx for Xanax!
  • Taipei Airport has free wifi internet! Thank You!
  • Ninoy Aquino International Airport smelled like a FISH Market! WTF?!
  • Filipino Drivers are CRAZY! Note to self: ask to increase dose of Xanax!
  • It's freaking Hot.
  • Thank goodness for AC!
  • After shower sweating is so overrated.
  • Brother's Wedding went without a hitch.
  • My wedding speech sucked ass!
  • I have tons and tons of relatives!
  • You will always have a relative(s) that just can't shut the fuck up. But I still love them.
  • Every 2 days I travelled.
  • First to Baguio. Wow, it has changed.
  • Seeing old classmates is very intimidating. Never did found the balls to go up to him.
  • Straight Uncles took me to a Strip Club. Both Female and Male! LOL
  • SM Baguio has Starbucks!
  • 10 pesos for a penis key chain. Bought 20.
  • Next to Binmaley, Pangasinan.
  • Uncle's house is enormous!
  • Visited the graves of my paternal grandparents' and tita Del.
  • Ate goat and snails.
  • Found out my niece is a Lesbian!
  • Went to observe my uncle @ his place of work. He's a judge.
  • Official Language of the Philippine Court System? English.
  • Sat 5-7 feet away from 3 guys that were handcuffed together. All 3 being tried for murder. All 3 were smiling. The guards have the habbit of walking out of the courtroom.
  • Listening to the prosecutor gave me a headache. What did he say again?
  • Then back to Manila.
  • Went to a gay bar.
  • To Filipinos, a gay bar meant 'strip joint'.
  • Full frontal? yeah ummm.
  • Watch out for your beer before he dips...never mind.
  • Went to a comedy bar. Which comprised of effeminate gay men making a fool out of themselves. Surprisingly, was very entertaining.
  • Was hit on by a straight guy. I know, I was weirded out.
  • Fell in Lust.
  • Will definitely go back.
  • Soon.
  • One perk of going back to visit: finding old pics!

Me and Nana Gunyang
me and nana gunyang

Me and My Brother Joe
me and joe

Me and Tita Del
tita del and i

Me and Mom
mom and i 1

Mama's boy
mom and i 2

Me and Mom 2
mama's boy

Me and Joe
me and joe 1

Me and Kuya Joe
me and joe 2

Cut offs?
stranger, tita pres, tita ced, me

ate vernie, me, lenlen, donna, joe

Joe and Dad
joe and dad

My Mother