Monday, January 02, 2006

I LOVE TMobile Hotspot!!!!

Ok, I'm @ SFO and I'm blogging. Good lord, the technology today! I can't believe I'm online. So...ummm. Anyway, there was this crazy white guy that was ahead of me that could talk a hind leg off a horse. Why do I always find the crazy people? They're drawn to me, I tell ya, like a moth to a flame. (Insert joke about 'Flamers'. Ha ha funny! Fuck YOU : P )

Drive was awesome. Stopped raining midway. Gorgeous sunset overlooking the mountains (or maybe hills) / Altamount (sp?) Pass. Checking in was another story. It sucked ass. Took me 2 hours to go through, it wouldn't have been half as bad but Yapper had to be infront of me. I thought he was on crank at first but further looking at him, made me just realize that he's just plain annoying. Maybe a nice guy, but he's such a bigot/racist. You should have heard him talk about some Pakistani in line. He talked about how one time, he had to change seats because one of them Paki's (his words) STANK LIKE A MUTHA! Could you tone it down a bit, I think they might have heard him. Great. I can't wait to board the plane.

Next stop, Taipei!