Sunday, January 01, 2006

I hate doing this...

I do! Friggin' New Year's Resolutions! Argh! Each year I tell myself I'm going to go through it all. That I'm going to stick with them this time. I should just not make a list on what I should be doing this following year. But I do it anyway. It's my kinky side, I'm a sucker for disappointments.

1. Eat less rice. (this will be tough)
2. Go to the gym. (I'm tearing up with laughter already)
3. Start running again. (have to buy new running shoes. yippee!)
4. Open myself up with the idea of dating again. (Note: don't lower your standards)
5. Spend less, save more money. (although am allowed to shop when there is a sale)
6. Stop being attracted to men who are assholes, in the closet, bitchier than me, liars, cheaters, recently single, "not quite" divorced yet, guys who love fisting (I just can't), emotional fuckwits (thank you Bridget Jones), narcissistic make that less narcissistic, and druggies.
7. Make time to walk MC to the park. (i'm sorry MC)
8. Drink less beer.
9. Stop buying porn! (ummm no comment)
10. Write more often. (ie emails, poetry, letters, etc.)
11. Soak feet at the end of the day. (you should see them!)
12. Get contacts.
13. Call Tony to say I'm sorry. (long story)
14. Call Aaron to say I'm sorry. (longer story)
15. Go to Mexico with Jodi.
16. Read more books than last year.
17. Keep pinky swear with Dove'x.
18. Take more pictures.
19. Travel more.
20. And Blog more often. (we'll see how this one goes)

So far that is it. Looks short but there are a lot of tough ones. Hopefully, I will follow through. If not...oh well...there is Next Year.