Monday, September 11, 2006

As Requested...A Turn For the Worst

My ex (if you would call him that) recently sent me an email stating (and I quote), "you should add the FUCK me then Leave me part too ! NO ? Aww that mite make you look bad O Thats right !!!!" (Nope, no mistake from my part. Everything was copied verbatim.)

Sadly, it did happen that way. We finally had sex, then I dumped him less than a week later. He proceeded to point it out that all I was after was his virgin booty (which I highly doubt and will further explain). You can look at it that way. But hear this, I broke up with him because of the stupid comment he made right after we fucked (I'm not going to say made love 'coz that would only imply something grand.) Which incidentally is as follows:


For him, it wasn't a big deal. He left messages stating that it was said out of TRUST. He didn't say anything wrong. Why was I blaming him for the break-up? I was the love of his life. The things I put him through because I broke up with him and all because of that little stupid comment. I killed him. I took advantage of him. I broke his heart.

Ask yourself what century do we live in. Would you say that to someone you've only dated for almost 2 months? Would you really trust someone so soon to go bareback? Are you fucking out of your mind?

It gets sadder and more pitiful. My vindication. The email further stated,

"Well anyhoo, hear Go's, this is just for me ! my closure !! i wasn't gana tell you this so i could play the Totall victim! but i so need this ! the $2 G's i spent on my New Dell was being saved for your B-Day Prezz ! i was taking you to Hawaii ! "SURPRIZE" but hears the big one ! The sunday you Were gone Randy Called and was house sitting for a frind, he asked me to come Hang out and i did. We hade SEX ! while we were still Together! that was a first cheat for me and it was on you ! Crazzy Timing LOL But i beet you ! bet this will help you to feel better ! i was the first one to FuckUP Jake !" (again, all verbatim)

Did he think that missing out on going to Hawaii would make me feel like an ass? I'm independent. I can pay for my own. Spend it on yourself. I never asked anything of monetary value. Was that what he thought? Pity. Ah, and him cheating on me. That was the icing on the cake. Definitely an eye opener. I should be mad but instead, I feel relieved and disappointed. Relieved because it just made my decision justifiable. And disappointed because I really thought he was a great guy and still wanted him to be a friend. In hindsight, I wasn't surprised with the cheating part. I've caught him changing his stories on several occasions.

Good riddance!