Wednesday, September 27, 2006 Thinks I Should Be A Drag Queen!

Well, I came across one of my friends (Kevin) friend's myspace profile and saw a collage of celebrities he looked like. It looked fun. Who doesn't want to see who they looked like? I submitted one of my photos. Here are the results:

Apparently, I my face is more feminine-like. What the fuck! 6 out of 8 faces were of women! And the males? Corey Feldman? Ugh! And who is this Vytautas Landsbergis? Well, he's Lithuanian for one. And more from here. Like you care. One thing's for sure, if indeed I dress up in drag one of this days, I would be fuckable! Imagine looking like Lucy Liu (hmmm), Janeane Garofalo (not when she's a blonde, lay off the bleach!), or Queen Latifah (before the breast reduction of course)! Maybe it's a mistake.

So I tried another photo:

Kevin Mitnick (yeah another one)? Nathan Lane (So gay!)? Macaulay Culkin? Argh! Yet still, majority of the faces are females! 5 out of 8!!!!! Still hot as a chick though. I'm not yet convinced! I'm still thinking it's a fluke.

So I sent in another one:

HALLELUJAH! I'll take it! 59% Viggo Mortensen! 48% Brad Pitt! 52% Jamie Cullum! And the proverbial pussy in the batch, 48% Diane Keaton! Line up y'all! I'll start practicing my autograph from here on!