Thursday, September 16, 2004


me [6:58 PM]: ___ asks if you have been poked recently?
girlfriend [6:58 PM]: no none of that i am taking a year off
girlfriend [6:59 PM]: i have had enough of men and their issues
me [6:59 PM]: don't ask why she's asking
girlfriend [6:59 PM]: why not
me [6:59 PM]: she's on her weird moods
girlfriend [6:59 PM]: well we all have those
girlfriend [7:00 PM]: even you mister
me [7:00 PM]: LOL
girlfriend [7:02 PM]: we are not allowed to bring men back to our house. we can only date the same guy twice in one week and once we have dated that guy eight times he has to ask the (other friend) if he can date me again and vice versa
girlfriend [7:02 PM]: we also can't sleep with him
me [7:02 PM]: are you freaking kidding me?
girlfriend [7:03 PM]: no we figure it is a good way to weed out the guys who aren't serious
me [7:03 PM]: HMMMM
girlfriend [7:03 PM]: no oral sex either
me [7:03 PM]: umm you do realize that this conversation will be posted?
girlfriend [7:03 PM]: and it has to be a date none of this hey you want to hang out
girlfriend [7:03 PM]: WHAT
me [7:03 PM]: LMFAO
girlfriend [7:04 PM]: I DID NOT AGREE TO THAT
me [7:04 PM]: yeah! this is funny stuff!
girlfriend [7:04 PM]: whatever
girlfriend [7:04 PM]: i don't know if i want to continue this conversation
girlfriend [7:04 PM]: ;-)
me [7:04 PM]: LOL
me [7:04 PM]: nobody will know your name!
me [7:04 PM]: i'm just kidding!
me [7:04 PM]: LOL
girlfriend [7:04 PM]: you are such a butthead
me [7:05 PM]: can I atleast use the "no oral sex" either?
girlfriend [7:05 PM]: what does lmfao mean
girlfriend [7:05 PM]: yes you can use that line but thats it
girlfriend [7:06 PM]: so how are things on your man hunt
me [7:07 PM]: what man hunt
me [7:07 PM]: still 0, zip, nada
girlfriend [7:07 PM]: i feel ya
girlfriend [7:07 PM]: of course (other friend) has tones of men
me [7:07 PM]: skinny ass bitch! LOL
girlfriend [7:07 PM]: your telling me
me [7:08 PM]: wait, you didn't answer me, is your trainer cute? or is he a she?
girlfriend [7:08 PM]: i did answer you you nut
me [7:08 PM]: no you didn't
girlfriend [7:08 PM]: i said i have a girl on mon and fri but the guy on wed is cute
me [7:08 PM]: hmmmm
girlfriend [7:08 PM]: you would like him
girlfriend [7:08 PM]: wait my buzzer for dinner just went off be right back
me [7:08 PM]: you mean i would fantasize about him
girlfriend [7:09 PM]: k im back
girlfriend [7:09 PM]: k im back
me [7:10 PM]: i see ya

me [7:10 PM]: so what's for dinner

girlfriend [7:10 PM]: chicken courdon blue
girlfriend [7:10 PM]: i think i spelt that middle word wrong
me [7:10 PM]: cordon
me [7:11 PM]: cordon bleu not blue
me [7:11 PM]: oh well
girlfriend [7:11 PM]: i only bought it because the boys behind the counter were cute. it has mustard in it and i hate mustard but i am going to try it anyways
me [7:11 PM]: sandwich?
girlfriend [7:11 PM]: that s what i get for trying to flirt
me [7:11 PM]: LOL
girlfriend [7:11 PM]: no not a sandwich
me [7:12 PM]: trying? you did flirt!
girlfriend [7:12 PM]: it is a piece of chicken stuffed with cheese and ham and breaded on the outside
girlfriend [7:12 PM]: yes i flirted
girlfriend [7:12 PM]: hello you are talking to the flirt master
girlfriend [7:12 PM]: i am just not a good closer
girlfriend [7:12 PM]: LOL
me [7:12 PM]: i read it somewhere that the reason why some females are depressed is that they are missing semen. what i meant was that semen is like prozac
me [7:13 PM]: fucking crazy huh?
girlfriend [7:13 PM]: yeah well i had prozac and semen and neither of them made me very happy well maybe the prozac did
girlfriend [7:13 PM]: you are such a shit
me [7:14 PM]: probably some hetero guy wanting to give an excuse to his girlfriend to swallow!

girlfriend [7:14 PM]: wait again the buzzer went off
me [7:14 PM]: k
girlfriend [7:15 PM]: yeah most likely
me [7:15 PM]: LOL
girlfriend [7:16 PM]: hey well i am going to get going i feel like watching a sappy move and that is what i am going to do I will talk to you later.
me [7:16 PM]: k later
girlfriend [7:16 PM]: love you lots you sexy stud muffin
girlfriend signed off at 7:16 PM
me [7:16 PM]: LOL likewise

*Name of friend withheld to protect what's left of their dignity.
*Blogger is utterly retched for posting this conversation.
*Blogger posted it anyway.
*Blogger will OWE a really really nice and expensive dinner to friend!