Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I can't freaking sleep! Ugh! Ended up being imed by one of my friends. He sounded gloom. I hate it when he gets this weird. Started talking about why he's back 'here'. So I said that "Stockton is a blackhole. It sucks you right back in." I was corrected, he meant 'this world'. My bad! So I jokingly/sarcastically typed back 'What? You'd rather be in Uranus? I heard it's still freaking freezing over there!"

His reply: "Know you not the difference between worlds and planets?"

Mine: "Know you not the term SARCASM?"

I think that pissed him off. Thinking back on it, maybe I shouldn't have poked the bear. Especially one who posts a pic on http://downelink.com laying down clutching a shotgun to his chest.

Note: Get said friend a white jacket for Christmas.

Maybe I should ask him to get a prescription for haldol. Or maybe even a mild sedative. One doesn't take it lightly when someone asks you to get an Rx for an anti-psychotic drug. Maybe he needs to get laid.

Speaking of getting laid...A few more months and I'm going to pass my 4th year anniversary of not getting any. In truth, I can't even remember the details the last time I had sex. All I can recall was that I didn't even cum. My ex did, twice in fact. Selfish bastard! He wanted me to f*ck him without a rubber that time. Thank goodness I didn't give in.

I wonder what he's doing right now. More than likely, on his back.