Wednesday, September 29, 2004


I was just outside, admiring the night sky, when 'lo and behold I heard a noise. It was the trumpeting of a goose. A lone one. Kind of disturbing, since it sounded like the poor bastard was scared. Why was it flying, trumpeting so loudly late at night? Maybe he was searching for his flock. Or whatever you call a group of geese.

Reorienting myself, I was able to determine where he/she was headed to...north bound. No wonder! It's winter bud and you're going the wrong way! Maybe he/she left the others going south, cackling his way to a feeding hole just north of here that the other geese are not aware of. Or maybe, he was just goosed by something else and in his/her state went the wrong way.

We'll never know. I'm just glad that he/she didn't shit on me.